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Hello! Im back, AGAIN.
Sunday, June 29, 2008

I guess, this will be the 100th time to have a new blog. I'm really moody when it come to blogging. There will be a time when Im really craving for it and sometime there will be a time where i really dont care about the Blog World. Hmm, Yes. Im back because Im in the mood. Being Hosted? Hmm, i dont know. I was Hosted my heartish.com but I got busy when Summer came and now, i dont know how to go back. (LABO?) I dont know. I Lost my files when i bought a new laptop. SHET, where's my FTP?? I stayed late like up to 4:00am just to finish it but now i lost it. Shit. So, I'll start again. As in, from the very start.

Anyways, How's my life you might ask? Hmm. It's pretty much different now. I'm in College right now and though i miss high school, I can say to myself that I enjoy College than my Highschool Life. I have Friends who are so Cool and Blockmates that really make you smile though you're having the worst day of your life. DLS-CSB especially in our Building in SDA is really cool, you can see how creative we are. YEAH, We are. I really enjoy being in Taft, You can go into different places just for lunch not like in Highschool, it's the canteen of the farm only. FREE CUT? it's not even an offense. You're FREE. Literally free but you should have the gvuts to take the risk or the consequences that waits. FMA-2? Whew, Im really attached to them. Lot's of Cool, Funny and Creative people. When Im in Highschool, going to school really doesn't make me excite but now, everyday really excites me especially when Im with my "Gang Bang". I love them, You ask who? There's Joanna, Rita, Ram and Pao whom i hang out every break. Everyday is a happy day when Im with them.

How's my heart? well, it's with a guy whom i really love. HAHA! A guy who knows how to make smile or laugh. Guy who taught me to love again. He opened my heart and learned to love again. I'm really thankful we've met. Good thing i didn't pursue Interior Design or Law, because if I did i wouldn't be able to meet my Love. Thanks God! I owe you a lot.

So, I'll be around guys. I'll update more and I'll keep you posted.
LOVEYOU GUYS! ------------------- *