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I wanna go out!
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Geesh. It's been like ugh 2 days straight and Im still here infront of my laptop figuring things out. Like, how should I fix this Blog problem that I have!

I know how these codes work but they're really putting me on my last nerve. If you can see and If you're reading this I dont know what font this post is in right now. Whether it's 8 tahoma or 7. It's supposed to be 8! At first, when you enter my blog it's on 8 but try clicking the navigation on the left side of my blog, try clicking "entries", as you can see the fonts change to smaller fonts and it sucks! I hate it, i hate it and I HATE IT! -______-

I dont know what to do, I check my codes all over and over again but I dont see the problem. UGH? CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME? plus, putting a header up there? I dont know and It sucks, i know. I've been blogging like for how many years but still I can't figure things out like this. Ugggh. I feel desperate, I tried to change my layout but I still want the one with the navigation! huhu.

Can somebody help me? Donate a code with a navigation and a header?

I FEEL DESPERATE. or, if not just help me with the font thingie. pft.

So much with my problems, what's up with me?
Yes, I'm SICK! or i think I'm just feeling sick, but my temperature last night was high so I guess i have. a little. haha.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, though I really want to sleep coz im not really feeling well, i bid my goodnight to my textmates (oh shit, i didn't hear his voice.) but still my eyes are wide open. I tried to close my lampshade but crazy stuffs went on my mind so i turned it on again. I tried to drink lots of milk but my tummy turned upside down. I tried to read my book, and I finished it but still my eyes are open and suddenly I remembered something, oh yeah.

I MISS HIM. but, does he misses me?

Now, i know why and It sucks coz i dont have anything to do with it. I can't express how I feel. I can't say what my lips want to say. All i can do is to remember what happened and smile while reminiscing it but at the end of that, I see myself frowning and realizing that's just a memory that happened and can never happen again.

for now, i guess it wouldn't happen. i guess.

So much for drama. So much about how I feel.

on the brighter side of my life.
IM DONE WITH THE 3RD BOOK of the "it girl" Series by Cecily Von Ziegesar the author of Gossip Girl. It's about the story of Jenny Humphrey when she got to Waverly Academy for boarding school. Shet, it's a very nice novel and Im getting addicted to it. Good thing I bought the 4th book already the other day and now Im so excited to start with it. I hope in a few years from now, this will be a TV SERIES also like Gossip Girl! Can't wait.

Oh shit, I need to harvest first.