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Teenage Scar

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Here I go again.
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Im doing exactly what I did last 4 months ago.

I cant explain why, and i thought i was over it. I was wrong and now I dont know what to do. Please, teach me how you do those stuffs. Being cool and changing cards every now and then. I can see that everything's doing well with you. You come and go and before I knew it, it's not only me who's feeling this way.

I dont know what to say, and I dont want to think that Im really sure of what Im feeling. I dont know If I'm really still the old person whom you walked away. I dont know if this heart is still beating the same way. I dont know if I should still feel this way.
After all, 1 month is very enough for you, but for me it took several months to pay and Im still not sure if im done with it. Yeah, call me stupid for staying like this. I dont know, but I stay inlove with you.

.. please, i want to escape from this.