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I'll be hanging around.
Saturday, November 29, 2008

how is it that right now, I let myself to fall inlove? I've never got the strength to overcome the feelings that Im starting to have for you. I didn't do anything to make it stop because the siege of love debilitated me completely. I tried to cut it off and ignore the feeling of being inlove but it's not enough because the time we've spent together can never equate the feelings i have for you.

is it too fast? Yes, i know it's too fast. You dont even know that this feelings exist or you dont even know that i'm in a state of extreme agitation or excitement. I can feel the rush of my blood running through my veins when I see you walking from a distance. I can see myself smiling whenever something pops out my mind and makes me remember something about you. The picture of you wearing that oh-so-hot shirt that really makes me feel like shit and i just cant get over it. No one has ever made me feel this way before, the feeling of being happy and excited with a little bit of being sick of being hopeless.

I want it to stop but i dont know how. I never thought of taking this risk because I know it would not lead to any of my frustrations. I cant stop but dreaming and I wont stop from bleeding. If I'll stop this reverie, I might even see myself smiling but if I wouldn't stop this inconsistent feeling, i might broke my heart and regret this for the rest of my life. You always come and go but you stay very low is there a time in my mind when you’ll leave me alone? cause they’ve said to me once i don’t need you but how cant i just accept the frikking truth that you wouldn't be always here by my side.

I dont know exactly what you've done to me but whenever i remember that night it makes me feel like I shouldn't have known you from the start because it wont stop me from thinking "Why did it happened?" and i'll start to think maybe there's something you feel for me but its a hopeless thing anyway. So should I walk away? or stay for a while?

I'll be hanging around just for now. I'd never looked for this, it just came by and I grabbed it. I dont know what this is all about but I know it's about me being what I'm before. I deserve to be happy. I know I deserve it. I always thought of happy endings, but now I've learned that not everything is a fairy tale. I thought fairy god mothers, my dream prince and a far away kingdom always exist but I'm wrong. All you need is a simple man to fulfill the love that you're craving for.

Little N is inlove, dont you think she deserves to be loved? :l