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Something to play with.
Friday, November 28, 2008

i grabbed this Random Blog post from John Lao :)

1. APRIL means that you're really good looking.
- really? haha. Im loving this thing! :P
2. Stubborn and hard-hearted.
- Oh yes, but am i hard-hearted? You can change it to HARD HEADED! lol.
3. Strong-willed and highly motivated.
- Ugh, actually.. I dont have any motivation right now for school but it's just for now. just for now. harhar.
4. Sharp thoughts.
- MAYBE. Hmmmmmm, slightly agreeeee. Though some of my thoughts are for play, nonsense and whatsoever! haha.
5. Easily angered.
- Oh yes, When someones really bugging me and puts me on my last nerve, I'll shout to the highest pitch of my voice and he/she will just freak out.
6. Attracts others and loves attention.
- Attract? Hmmmm, maybe? and yes, i soooooo love attention but not to the point that I'll be the EPAL GIRL. bwahaha.
7. Deep feelings.
- Super Yes, I have these deep feelings. I believe that everyting that happens, it happens for a reason. There's no such things as "wala lang".
8. Beautiful physically and mentally.
- OH SURE. HAHAHAHA. No Comment? :P
9. Firm Standpoint.
- Ugh, i guess? hahaha.
10. Needs no motivation.
- SO WRONG. I need motivation. I need. I need one, please.
11. Shy towards opposite sex.
- NOPE, Im not. hahaha. Sorry, but Im a friendly person! LMAO.
12. Easily consoled.
- Oh yes, Im soooooooo easy to be consoled.
13. Systematic (left brain).
- Really? HAHA. I knew it. I knew it.
14. Loves to dream.
- Super, but not to the point that I'll bullshit lots of things! :))
15. Strong clairvoyance.
- UGH? Ano daw? Hmmmm. Tissue please.
16. Understanding.
- Super, Im the one who's always understanding someone.
17. Everyone loves to be around you.
- YES, My friends and fins. Im the Group Clown, that's why.
18. You always attract attention.
- Really? Maybe because of my stupid/funny/extra-ordinary moves, jokes and looks! haha.
19. You are definitely the sexiest and good looking of them all.
- REALLY? How i wish? Just kiddin'.
20. You know how to get what you want.
- Correct, but now.... I just dont know how.
21. Sickness usually in the ear and neck.
- What do you mean? Yeah. I dont hear well but I like being touched on both parts.
22. Good imagination.
- Sabi nila, Artist daw kasi ehhhh. haha.
23. Good physical.
- Maybe, ngayon lang nung nag colleg >:P
24. Weak breathing.
- YES YES. The doctor told me that it's normal because of my scoliosis and I have asthma.
25. Loves literature and the arts.
- Ohyes, YES! I love literature soooooooo much. Same with arts, they're my 3rd life.
26. Loves traveling.
- YEAHHH, I have a mole on my foooot.
27. Dislike being at home.
- Yes, especially when i dont have something to do.
28. Restless.
- I have a high tolerance of being tired.
29. Having many children.
- i want 3 only.
30. Hardworking.
- only when i love what I'm doing. but if i dont, IM NOT.
31. High spirited.
- I GUESS. I dont give up easily.

- if you re post this in the next 5 minutes, you will become close to someone you do not speak too much in the next 4 days.
(Is it? him? :P )

Some of them are true, some of them are bullshit. Im bored, that's why I grabbed this. Very interesting right? If you want to know yours, just click Lao's name up there and there is a link to his multiply.

Another random crazy stuff to ponder and discovered. :*