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53% Spoiled
Sunday, November 16, 2008

"You're a little spoiled, but not spoiled rotten" - Facebook.

I took the test about being spoiled and Im kinda spoiled. Yeah, SOMETIMES I do get what I want but not always, Trust me. If i always get what I want then I'll be the happiest girl in the world but still I dont get everything. See? Im still craving for a new cellphone, for a new Ipod, for a new pair of shoes, for a new lens for my dlsr. I still dont have those things and now i can say Im not really spoiled. Maybe this past days, i became because I spend a lot of money for my clothes but that's it. HAHA. The test was true, Im a little spoiled.

Anyways, how's my weekend? As usual. It's boring plus Im sick so I dont have any choice but to stay in my frikking room. Soundtrip, Movie Marathon, ate a lot of Chips Ahoy, played the guitar, Draw, Write, Blog, Edit pictures and most especially think of HIM. Waaaah, i dont know. For the past 48 hours of my frikking life, I cant stop thinking about him. Yeah, Im talking about BBOY. Wah, he just completed my night last friday. SO KILIG and i dont know what's with the talk thingie but hey, im so frikking kilig that night and i really didn't want to end it, Seriously. but still i need to go back to reality. booohhhooo.

but it's ok, Monday na tomorrow so, i'll get the chance to see him na.

Blah, Blah. Since, i didn't do anything aside from making our Ordev Portfolio because i thought it is due tomorrow but it's not. I finished it a while ago and i was like cramming about it and later i asked some of my blockmates if i have ordev class tomorrow and they answered happily, "NO. we dont have any classes" Shit, but it's okey atleast Im done in advance. so after doing my Portfoio, I went to my bed and watched some Movies, First Movie "Sisterhood of traveling Pants 2" Oh, it was a cool movie. Cute and I love it, even they lost the pants that made them strong, it wasn't a hindrance for them to deblock or to diminish from they friendship but it brought them more close together.

haha. anyways, Im done with the 2nd book of the "it girl" series. Wah, i wanna buy the third book na, it's called Reckless! Yeeeeehoooo. Im so excited! :P

OHGOD. this weekend is so Boring. Good thing it's monday na. I wanna end this term. As in, as soon as possible i wanna go different schedules na! Please. No more morning class and No more blockmates like, ugh. Him? [CARA, Issue nanaman! ((:] haha. peace out men. Or should i say, Whatever men.