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So much for the drama.
Monday, November 3, 2008


School is the same. School still makes me feel, i dont know.
They're still around but issues are getting quiet. Good thing it's over, I guess?

Ms. Katakutan still irritates me despite the fact that sometimes she's funny. She caught me texting again! :))

Mr. Hellboy is still teaching those nonsense economic topics and now I'm listening though I dont care about Macroeconomics.

Mr. Algeb is still Cool/Korny/Sarcastic. Math? OOOOH. I hate numbers. Please.

Mr. Lim? Oh, We cutted classes and played Dota na lang. we were to lazy to have our last subject but promised ourselves that it would be the last time. Anyways, I bet he had his new stories lang for today so I feel like cutting his subject a while ago. Baka puro kwentuhan lang.

Doom Bringer still irritates me as well as Metro Aid. Homo is still around. Gay Parasite is still looking for new True friends together with Manuel. These people are just roaming around SDA and I dont get it, School of Design and Arts is so big that I still got the chance to see them EVERYDAY.

After school, Dance Practice was boring. Didn't dance so much but It was tiring because i was just laughing with my groupmates especially Vince, Major and Cara. Ohmy, ILY GUYS!

then went home. and now I'm typing. Blah. Blah.

So much for the drama, just pass me the popcorn :P