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Blast from the past.
Thursday, October 9, 2008

I miss them, I miss Gangbang.
It started with the three of us, Rita, Joanna and Me. We had this Museum thing for our History Class so we guys decided to go to Ayala Museum then as the mood swings we were hanging out with Paolo and Ram. We had our first Movie together. We watched "The happening" and it was funny, we were seating infront and shouting so hard like we were the only persons in the movie house. Gah, That was funny and Yes I miss it.

All those memories are still here in our hearts. Now, only the two of us (me and joanna) are standing still, hoping that our group will be back soon. I mean, friends. It's, seating at the back when only 2 seats apart is all i can handle. Those hugs and laughs that we had together were change to nodding of heads when you see each other in the hallway. Walking beside them though they're not really walking with you. When Im with Jobow, sometimes I tell her "Namimiss ko na sila" Yeah, out of the blue i'll tell it infront of her. I miss them. I miss those bonding moments. Those crazy road trips, MCDO deliveries, house visits, korny jokes with them are still here and it's sad to say that I cant get over it.

Enough. Enough. Enough.
Im being this drama queen here and I want it to stop.

All i want to say is that I miss you guys. Im not making this post because I still want someone to come back. It's not a cheap move. The friendship is what I miss and it's more than what you know. Im just saying this in advance because I dont know who's reading my blog but for the sake of myself I miss my friends. REAL FRIENDS that I know.

I hope 1st sem just didn't end like that and same with 2nd sem i wish it didnt started.
I wish it ended right and started Good.