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Teenage Scar

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I wont anymore give a damn.
Friday, September 19, 2008

Never again to their level.

- -

Since it's 1:59 na. It's Friday na, first thing first. Happy Birthday Lara my Labs! :)

So, anung nangyari kahapon? September 18,2008, aside from Joanna and Ralph's Monthsary. Well, sobrang daming revelations ang nangyari. Sobrang daming mga hidden things na nabunyag na! Yung mga akalain mong "wala lang" ay big deal sa iba. Nakakatawa? Oo, nakakatawa na nakakainis. Am i still in highschool? Can you tell me please. Grabe Kasi.

Plastik? Talamak parin. Akala mo kung sinong concern tas ikaw pala tong nagbabaliktad ng kwento pag nagkkwento ka sa mga kaibigan mo? SHET. Sobra. Isa na lang. bibingo ka na.

kaso, baka ano lang sabihin ng iba dyan. Baka may matamaan at magreact kahit di sila sigurado kung sila ba talaga yung tinutukoy ko.

Basta, isa pa talaga.

tama sabi nina Cara, Pao and Rita. Kung ngayon ako sasabog, medyo wala sa lugar at ako talo. Maghintay na lang daw ako na gawin ulit yon ni ano tas dun na namin kakausapin. Chilax muna.

About my heart?
I've finally Moved on. This is not plastic or whatsoever.
I dont know how, basta I've moved on. Yey :)

Time to throw those memories and go on with this life.

"But there’s a first time for everythingAnd I’ll fall in love againWhen I begin my second time aroundIt’s the last time I’ll think of youYou can do what you’d like to doBut if you only knew I’m never coming back."
- Five times August. First time for Everything.

You made me realize. YOU REALLY MADE REALIZE why should i really go now.
Thanks to you. Super Thanks. though I'll miss you, yellow. I'll be around, always.

Eto na. I finally made Reality chase me.
I kept running from it this past months but i suddenly gave up.

Atleast, no more tears. no more pain.
I GUESS? Hmmmmmm. Let's see na lang.

Sa mga CREEPS naman who really wants to ruin our life and still continue to do it. Thanks, coz you're making us strong. I wont anymore give a damn.

* Green is still standing still. She's strong. I know she is.