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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of Exam?

Yeah, today was the day. First Day of Final Exams. It was different from highschool. You can cheat anytime without noticing by the proctor. wow, it's really different. You dont need to wait for everybody to be finished, you can go right after you finished the test. Oh yes, College na talaga. Iba na tlaga to :)

How was the test? It was Good.
Why? Swerte tlaga kami. Me, Pao, Ram and Joanna didn't studied this weekend and still we manage to answer and finish the test. Gepsych? Sisiw, I think i answered it for only 45 mins? It was so Easy. Ms Fern is really right the test was really easy. History? Whew, Easy. I didn't study because i Listened to our lectures naman so some of the items that were asked there in the test was able to be answered by me. YEY! Then after the History Exam, We didn't bother to review for Poligov Exam but instead we played DOTA! haha. Sorry na, Addict lang. Me and Ram were teamed versus Pao and Joanna! :) YEY, me and Ram won. Paolo, BADING! He always kill me. haha. Basta, Happy ako nung nag DOTA ako, why? haha. alam ni Joanna kung bakit. It's a shallow reason but for me it really made a difference to me.

We were late, syempre galing dota. Sumabit pa ako sa pintuan but it's fine. While tkaing the exam, me and pao had the same Set of Exam and super cheating to the max kami. We were seating at the back row and the proctor were just sitting infront. Everybody is cheating, not everybody but majority of the class is cheating. I took my notes out same with Joanna! Sisiw, Perfect na! HAHA. Chaaaaaaaaamba nanaman!

anyways, after the exams. we just stayed @ CSB MAIN. Made some silly stuffs with Sis but still enjoy naman ang thrill! :D Went home with Ram and Pao. Ay, basta. HAPPY AKO!

hmmmmmm. What a day, it was really a happy day. Lots of unexpected things happened!
YEY YEY YEY. Happy Happy, i never felt this happiness since July 29. Thanks Yellow. Di mo lang alam! :)) thanks Pao and Joanna! :*