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what a day :|
Friday, August 15, 2008

today was really a tiring day today though i didn't do any extra curricular things today. I did of lot things lang talaga :) First, I went jogging at around 5:00am to 6:00am in a park near our place then after taking a shower I went to Seton. I visted my previous school, many things changed and when I stepped once again to my alma mater i said to myself "Shet, namiss ko toh" I was with Kaye and we decided to Worship, after the worship we just made some chit chat to our highschool teachers. Miss Jham! Our Adviser, is preggy and Im so excited for her. Baby ng Physio! Then, I also saw Sir Dennis, one of my favorite teacher.

After visiting our school, I went to Imus Cathedral. The mass just ended when I arrived and it sucks. I want to go to mass pa naman but still i had the chance to talk to God a while ago. When i was kneeling and talking to God i cant help it but to be teary eye. You know, Im a person who cries easily but i dont know. I was asking him why does he allow to happen these things that Im experiencing right now, like problems in our house, my mom is sick and my dad is waaaaaaay so moody now a days, problems with my sickness, and yes, problem that I'm really facing hard right now, problem with my heart. I asked him "bakit mo siya kinuha sakin?" and i also asked him "why did you allowed to be US if you'll just gonna take him back easily?" questions like that. The wind blew hard and just left a smile in my face, I dont know why I smiled but it left me a good start on not ruining my day. After offering some candles, I went to the nearest computer shop and played DOTA. Sorry na! Im starting to be addict and I dont know if it's a gooooood idea! :)) then i went home found out that my mom didn't go to work because she was very sick. I took care of her for a while then later on i left the house because I still have classes. since i arrrived early, I went to Hollo Lounge again. A computer shop then i played Dota lang and I was late for Bibstud! Goooood thing they were watching a movie lang :P

after our class, we went to the LRC to REsearch some stuffs then went dota again at ARENA. we ended at around 9 and i went home at exactly 11pm. Gaaaaah. I sooooo hate the first jeepney driver. The jeep was supposed to end @ baclaran since i was the ONLY passenger left, he asked me to walk na lang. : It was tiring, that's why when i entered the jeeeeep, I finally took a nap! whew, I woke up when we were at Puregold na. SAKTO!! I didnt notice it was 11. When i reached home, my dad was mad as in really mad, he ws shouting on me not making me explain or talk then when he asked me if who am i with, I said i was qith ram and pao he suddenly said "Kasama mo namana pala si Ram eh, bat di mo sinabi nung nasa computer shop ka pa lang? ok naman pala eh" Whew, ganun lang pala un. I told white lies pa, lakas nia pala sa dad ko? hahaha. just kidding around!

Nothing special happened today but still it hurts even more. Lalu na pag alam mung wala ng magagawa :D Anyways, Smile lang.