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Be strong.
Saturday, August 2, 2008

When i passed by my cousin's house i suddenly thought of asking some advices to her. She's been in a realtionship for the past 5 years. Imagine from 3rd year highschool up to 2nd year college there still together. though they went to different universty it never became a hindrance of having their relationship ended. She said to me, when they were still starting, connection is really there main problem. They also dont connect in some stuffs and they also once ended theirs relationship once but still fixed and tried to connect on some stuffs. She said, even if you just met the person a week, a month or a day ago basta we're willing to love each other everything will be okey. It will not be a reason for some relationship to end. It the Trust, Loyalty and Love is mos important. Communication is also a main ingredient. I asked her, What should i do right now, She said, all you can do is to go with the flow, BE STRONG and dont be so sad. It's yourself were talking about she said. Dont hurt yourself even more. She said "Im not saying find another person that will love you, Im telling you that be strong. Dont give up on him easily but still make it a point that you'll still leave some love for yourself" She also said "niqui, I know you're strong. I know how you handle your past relationships, you even gave me some advice. It's the first time i see you crying infront of me telling that you cant do it anymore? cmon, You're strong" It made me feel better.

I should be strong. face everything with a smile but never give up on us.
I know, I cry some times but in the end I still have this smile whether its a fake or not still im trying. I know I acted stupid this past days but hey? That's what i feel, atleast im not scared to show what im feeling or what Im going through. Im not pretending to be someone im not. Im not strong from the past days but now i know i still have this strength to stan up and be strong. Yah, for you I'll be strong. Im trying.

Thanks Ate, I owe you a lot. If i didn't stop by at your house. I will be crying here in my room while reminscing things. Thanks. Thanks and to you, Hope you can feel that Im trying my best here. Dont worry, Ill be fine. Im still waiting. That's all.