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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yesterday was one of my super bad day. Super Bad luck! Gaah. I started my day right but ended it worst. I was walking at Baclaran and it was raining still. I was wet and i stepped on a sharp rock that's why i have this icky wound. It's big and it hurts. Something strucked into my mind, "Hindi pa nga nag heal yung sugat ko sa puso, may bagong sugat nanaman" Haay. Sakit Sakit niya. Anyways, because of my wound i stopped at mcdo muna to check my things. Now i remember, there was someone who helped me when i stepped on the rock then when i checked my things my pouch was missing. I have my ipod there, money and some stuffs. argh! I hate that man, pag nakita ko siya sa Baclaran ulit, naku. Pero, I dont know. then, I was about to cry na. Pag sakay ko ng Jeep, I was wet and crying. Nakalimutan ko na tuloy magbayad. That was one of my worst day and imagine i was alone.

So how's my day? you might ask? i mean, before that terrible incident? It was smooth. I guess but day goes by it hurts even more. I miss him even more or even cry more in the night. Everything is different. My smile is different. My eyes. Even seating at the backseat of his car is different. Each day that passes by, i thought i can make it but it makes me weak even more.

Where's the old Niqui? my bestfriend asked. I said she went on vacation. If im not around, I'll be on Baywalk, Luneta, National Museum or in San Miguel by the Bay or even in some parks in the villages where reminds me of us. I'll be on a place where i can shout what i feel, draw what my heart says, sing the songs that reminds us or write in our notebook that supposed to my gift for the coming months.

Let's see what will happen next. He said to me last nigh, for sure there will be a good thing that will happen to me. For sure. I hope so.