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Happy. That's all.
Thursday, August 7, 2008

I woke up this morning full of smile in my face. I never thought of waking up with this feeling. I'm soooooo happy today as in. I thought it wouldn't be just an ordinary day for me but it wasn't. Last night i asked for a sign and it happened this morning. Thank God! It made me smile. (:

I went to the parlor and had my hair colored. Enjoy naman ako! First Costumer pa ako. Anyways. I was really happy and I cant explain how happy i am. I never felt this happiness ever in my life. Not only because of the sign but also what happened today.

Is it really gooodbye to EMO Songs? Sad Quotes? Sad entries? I dont know. But for sure this one is not a Emo type of entry. This one is about a happy girl. I woke up a while ago and i never woke up like this one. Then I went to the parlor, had my hair colored. The gay told me, "Nako, maiinlove lang lalo boyfriend mo sayo!" haha. No comment, pero natawa na lang ako. Then I went to school na. No traffic. Happy nanaman ako! I saw my long lost friend pa na sa manila na nag aral. See? I missed her pa naman. Then I went to the computer shop to meet Ram, Pao and Ken. HAHA! Happy, another sign was granted. Diba? Winner! haha. Then after our filipino class, an unexpected trip came a long. We watched La Salle's Game at Araneta. Thea, Pre, Hannah especially Ram made my day special. Thanks Guys! Nag enjoy ako. Super Cheer to the max! I lost my voice tuloy.

There are lots of things that happened that really made me a happy girl today.
Behind those sad stories i had, behind those heart-broken things and bad experiences, still i manage to have a happy and unforgettable day. I love GOD! Thanks.

I found out, I still know what life means. I know how to smile or even smile.
thanks to you. YAH! YOU. Thanks!

But still, IMY after all.