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I wanna go back.
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It was like yesterday that we had our own smiles in our face. We wake up in the morning having those big grin. We wake up full of excitement of what tomorrow will bring but now, We're just not the old person who seem to be so happy. The person who will just give you a smile without any reason. The person who is inlove, inspired and happy all the time.

I just wanna go back where i still have those smiles. I just wanna go back where I still have him. Back to the time where i laugh hard though it was a ashallow reason for you to laugh. I wanna go back to the time were I felt the whole thing is perfect. Where you feel that there is no one who will make you sad. I wanna go back to the days where I still know how to love, where i know what's the feeling og being loved or the feeling of having someone that can help you in every aspect in life. I just wanna go back to the past and makes things right.

If i can go back, I WILL.