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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

do you still miss me? do still think of me?
do you still care about me? do you still have the feelings that we had?
do you still want to bring back the past?
do you still know what you are doing?
do you still smile when you remember something from the past?
do you still LOVE me?

if he will ask me. i'll definitely answer YES. Everyday.
each day that passes by and i know i still dont have in my arms, it breaks my heart even more.
it makes me cry whenever i look at our pictures. I cant sleep in my room for the past 2 days because my room is full of memories. anywhere i look, i can see something about him. pictures, letters and moments. Things that brings back the memories that we had. I never gave up on you, but why did you give up on me. It hurts, knowing you still love the person who left you behind crying. It hurts even more when you know the feelings are gone. It hurts.

some questions that i want to ask. there are lots them but those were just some of what's bothering me. You know the feeling when someone's shutting you down? Now, i know how it feels. Do you know how it feels when someone is letting you go? I dont know if I'm feeling the right way. I dont know how will i ask him. I'm not brave enough.

I just want him to answer those, or answer this very important question. If he'll answer it, and ill have the answer. I cant do anything about it but to accept. I want to know if we can still be together, because it's hard waking up each day hoping that some miracle can happen. Everyday, i pray and i wish for us to be together again but fate is really playing with me. Fate makes me move on for 2 years and easily break my heart in 1 month. Why? Answer me!!! Why?

why does fate want me to see crying everynight, everyday, everytime i remember something about us. i wanna be strong and happy just for once. why cant it be?