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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a miserable/kinda-happy/unlucky day!

I dont know if you'll believe me, but Im a person who always reflects on the things that i did for a particularly day. I'll come to think if i did something that might change something in my life or if i just had a miserable day. When i was in the bus a while ago, I reflected on things that i have done today or the things that happened to me today. It's kinda weird actually, I cant call it a HAPPY DAY because there were some part that is really not GOOD! Seriously not good. So, i guess i can call this day Kinda Happy yet Unlucky day for me. There were some stuffs that I dont understand why should it happen in the first place. My day goes like this...

I woke up at around 5:00 am and my dad is mad! We should be leaving at 5:30 am because he needs to go back in Cavite early because it's traffic in Bacoor. No choice, I slept late so i woke up late also. I only had 3 hours of sleep and it's really a pain in the head. I was like suffering from vertigo. YEAH, that hard. So, i slept at the car realizing that I'm not wearing seatbelt and because of those stupid jeepney driver our car was so close bumping to the jeep and it made my dad step on the break so hard, I woke up and bumped my head on the window. OUCH! it really hurts because i bumped really hard. So, when i reached Taft Avenue, it was only 6:30 and decided to stay at the LRC, i slept for a while until i noticed that Im late for my first period and its Physical Education. haha. Since it's just P.E. i went to Joillibee first to eat my breakfast because i was really hungry. Then i went to our class and suddenly ended it. Before Joanna goes home we went to hollow lounge first, it's a computer shop near our SDA Campus. We suddenly bumped into Mrs. Siat, exchange hi's and hello's and asked about us. Yeah, about us. I made some kwento and stuff then I was shocked that he knows it already. Grabe si Miss! Ang bilis ng chika. Anyways, i dont know if it's a big deal but i dont know, something's not right. I can feel it, P.E. palang, i can feel something is wrong. anyways, when joanna left the computer shop I played DOTA na lang! :)) It was fun. First time ko mapatay ung HERO na computer, Mega Kill daw!? haha then it was my first time to be that strong. (Well for me, malakas na un.) Im using Enigma a while ago and he's my new favorite! then time for ORDEV-A and it was really short. we answered 4 question only provided by a representative of a some office in the campus then after answering the question you may go already! COOOL, the subject last for only 20 mins.

We didn't had our lunch na, I didnt got hungry din naman in the first place. Me and Joanna decided to buy our favorite drink from ZEN TEA. (Zen Tea the best!) haha. "ne Choctea and One Nai Cha PLEASE!" whew, fave fave tlaga. Me and Joanna are also mistaken as sisters, well pinanindigan namin kay na kuya bartenders ang pagiging magkapatid namin ni joanna at mabenta naman ang kwento ever namin. Anyways, while having a stop there we had ourselves buying those materials for our project then we finished it on the 14th floor. We didn't got the chance to attend our bibstud class but good thing we had free cut on that subject! WALA SI TUBOO!! hahahaha. Lucky for us. we're not absent at all! but during those time that we were making the project, there was this one time that i came down to copy from pao's work because we dont know about the map thingie, I went there at the caf and I felt sad from what happened. You know the feeling that you know you're there but for them you were not. I look stupid? I'm getting paranoid again, maybe, that's why. Then i went upstairs and told joanna what happened. Tears fell from my cheek and i was about to give up. Joanna hugged me and comforted me. then suddenly, It made me feel calm. Dinaan ko na lang sa mga kantang ginawa ko, sa mga sigaw ko yung nararamdaman ko kanina. We listened to Music that really fits me and it made me teary eye lang. So, i decide to change the Genre of the MUSIC! :D

GEPSYCH CLASS! I thought my day was really miserable and dull but this class made some difference somehow. It made me smile, laugh and felt happiness for a short period of time. We had this activity where you'll put your name on a bond paper and stick it on the wall and let the other fill it with their first impression to you. I recieved lots of first good impression. Funny and Friendly top the impressions that people had on me. second is SHY & Quiet. Parang hindi tugma, then the third one is DOTA GIRL! :)) funny si Ken and the other one who wrote it! and there is this one person who wrote on my paper that only the two of us will understand it. "MIMI LOVES GEORGE!" hahaha! Gets niyo? Kaming dalawa lang nakagets nun. ENJOY tlaga tong subject na ito. Then after the class, ADVENTURE lang ang dinanas namin ni Joanna.

Lots of naughty things were done by the two of us. Nagalit pa yung guard. Di bale, me and joanna had a new thought of the day and it goes like this "DADATING DIN ANG ARAW NA HINDI KAYO MAKAKAUWI" hmmm, para yan sa gumagago sakin ngayon! :p Wen i reached UN Station, i was really wet. as in major wet. 30 minutes bago ako nakasakay and it was TRAAAAAAAFICCCCC! Taft pa lang plus bacoor and aguinaldo highway. Gah, hassle. Even my Ipod goes with the flow of my mood? I dont know if fate is playing with me. My ipod is in Shuffle mode but yet, after "ain't no other man" comes "Love the way" by five times august. It was our song. When the song started to play, memories came into my mind and it made me teary eyed. It sucks i know, pero mababaw tlaga ung luha ako. IYAKIN ako, oo! I admit it, i even cry to most smallest things. then after that song "first time for everything" played. it also made some connections to my situation right now. I MISS HIM, even more each day.

This day was really complicated. Mixed feelings and trips happened today. there is still bothering me. I dont know if it's true. I dont know how to face the fact if ever it's true. OH GOD, please help me. Im weak. Im really weak. Im scared. Im really scared. Please, let me know if something is wrong. :