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Teenage Scar

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I'm still up.
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

it's already 1:30 am and im still up.
i know it sucks. but i dont know why! I cant sleeeeeeeep and it really pisses me off. i mean i wanna sleep but I cant. I still have classes at 7:00am and i need to leave the house at 6 so i need to wake up at 5:00 am and that means i should be in my f*cking bed right now having those weird dreams of mine but I'm not. Is this insomia? or am i thinking lots of lots of things? hmm. i guess both.

i wanna sleep and i can feel my eyes closing every now and then. I guess this is it! i hope so, i'll try to lie down and see what might happen. if i'll sleep right away, im tired if not im getting paranoid again. i dont know what im typing anymore.....

BUT HEY! I have a new layout! out of my insomia/being paranoid i cant bother to sleep so i made a new layout. Even in my MULTIPLY i have a new layout! :) Visit me and drop a comment! thanks thanks. I'll be sleeping naaaa. love you guys. ISTILLMISSHIM*
http://nictesh.multiply.com -- my multiply. visit & drop a hug please!