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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What happened yesterday?

We dont have classes because it's a Holiday, yesterday. National Heroes day to be exact. I thought i can sleep up to 12 but my mom woke me up at around 7 and told me that we will go to look new lots and furnitures. We need to go to Binondo also to buy some of her jewelries and we need to meet her friends at Luk Foo Hot Pot! Yum Yum, Shabu Shabu.

It wasn't a good morning because my sleep wasn't full. So, I fixed my stuff, myself and stuck my earphones on my bleeding ears and slept at the car. When I woke up, we were at Multinational Village na! I was shocked and the Bad Mood went away. Why kaya? haha. then, I went out of the car and i was facing a vacant lot from a street that I dont know. I asked my mom why are we here, and she answered "This is your Tita Mita's Lot, and it's For Sale" I said " SO??" then my mom answered... "I think i want this lot" and went, "WTF?? are you serious?" then she said "yah but we're not gonna transfer here right away, im still gonna build a house here. DUH?" Aba, Duh pa daw. and i said to myself, OMG! OMG! I dont know if my mom is Serious or whatsoever because she was smiling like she's not serious about what she is saying! hahaha. So, i went to the car and I was just smiling and thinking, "shet? am i excited or what?" But, I dont know. Please. Why am i feeling this way? :))

So, after going to Multinational Village. We went to Luk Foo Hot Pot, it was a anew restaurant and it was my first time to Visit it. The foooooooooood was so YUMMY! :) Then after that me and my mom went to Shang first to buy some shirts, dress and shoes. Weeee, bonding. Then went to Binondo to buy me a new watch! Thanks mom.

After that tiring day, we went back to alabang to meet my tita. Had a dinner at Contis then went home to Imus na! :P
GAAAAAH. Super Shocked pa din.