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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What just happened yesterday and i didn't got the chance to write in my blog? :)) YAHH, I was busy. I wrote only some but not exactly what happened to me.

It started when I had a breakfast with my dad and some of my realtives in tagaytay. Yah, My mom is not around because she had work. So, after the suuuupeeerrrr YUMMY breakfast, we went to Carmona, in my cousins place because its FIESTA over there, we had our lunch there and stayed for some chit chat and watsoever! Then after that around 2:00pm we went home na, It was really a long trip. I listened to my Ipod and fate was playing with me again. First song, BOUT IT. hmmmm, it was a party song! So, i was like singing and singing and singing. then next song, "First time for Everything" It was like a song about a guy who finally moved on though its really pretty hard for him, so it made me realize that I should move on with my life with or without him. I smiled pa, like everything is okey. Like it's so easy for me though its never been hard like before. So, I said to myself "Kaya to" then the next song was "Love the way" SEE? Is fate really playing with me again. Memories started to take place, i remember the days when we were still together, holding hands and i feel like not letting go of him, hugging him so tight because i wouldn't see him during weekends. Those memories that really made me sigh and said to myself, "shit, Im not yet ready to let go." GAH! Im still hoping, unless he's the one that will formaly let me go, said to me in person that it's really over. Im scared that day will come and look who's not ready. geeeesh, enough muna. I dont want to cry :(

so after the Roooooadtripp with my Family, we stayed @ Marden's Coffen Shop and it was really nice. It was my first time to go their and it was really cooooool and it's near! Bagong tambayan ko na yun pag may WiFi na! Sabi nila, they'll have it :) Anyways, after having their yummy "Devil's Food" we really went home. I'm starting not to feel well, then i got Online but I fell asleep then when i woke up, my mom is already here and said that I'm sick. Nilalagnat daw ako! I said, no it cant be, I still have panoram jamfest at night and it's Ordev-A accredited! Pinayagan ako, kasi i said it's super kailangan then on the other side MICHELLE is mad at me. I should go with them @ San Miguel by the bay last night but because of the plan that Im going to Panorama Jamfest, I didn't got the chance to go with them. She said that, i can have the ticket then let it sign somewhere just to have an accreditation for my ordev. I said, sayang naman ung binayaran ko and I wanna see what's the Jamfest all about and I want to Andi9 also. Then she said to me "Is that what you really want to see? or him? You know he doesn't love you anymore but you're still sticking yourself to him. Wake Up girl, this is reality calling you. No more dreams and Hopes! It will just break you more. Why cant you just accept that it's GAME OVER. He's done playing but you're still playing? It's like playing with a person then suddenly quits, then you still manage to continue what he left behind." GRABE! Ang sakit. SUPER, i was like "Shit! that's not the fucking reason behind why i went to that concert. Yah, I want to see him ofcourse but not like that." I said, If a friend can say that to me, I better be not frirnds with her anymore. I should have choooose good friends before. I thought she will understand me but not. Thanks!

a picture taken @ the jamfest :)
this is one of my favorite shot. i love it.
more pictures from the jamfest here.

So after the Jamfest, we went home. Then i took a taxi and saw my bestfriend's car @ Macapagal. I went down and stayed for a while. I was really amazed how they play this Drag Racing. I saw him race pa, but i saw some of his friends were drinking and i said to him "Please, dont drink. Mag drive ka pa pauwi. ihahatid mo pa ako diba?" Then he said, "lakas mo tlaga sakin" :) HAHA. I missed this kumag, he said to me. Ganto na lang ba ako, magpapakita pag broken hearted. Then we laughed lang! :)) I made kwento and stuff and he got angry because i dont take good care of myself daw. I always let people do that to me. He feels sorry for me, for what is happening to me. I felt saved for a while when i was with him. When we bid our goodbyes before i left his car he said to me. "Nandito naman ako palagi eh, ikaw lang tong nawawala. Wag mo masyadong itago sa sarili mo yang mga problema mo. Alam mo namang ayaw kitang nalulungkot. Please lang, wag mo hayaang gawin ng iba yan sayo." Then I said, Thanks Bes. I miss you. It was really a relief talking to someone that can make you smile at the end of the day. I tought it will really end up SAD. But, somehow. SOMEHOW. somehow, someone made me smile kahit for seconds lang basta its true thats all that matters.