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Teenage Scar

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friendship over.
Sunday, August 17, 2008

well, it's officially over. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING you fat liar. Just leave me alone together with your wannabe creeps. Apology not accepted and that's final. I might forgive but never forget. I'll forgive if you just stop texting me, calling me or even ask my mom how am i doing. FRIENDSHIP is really over. I realized that, you're nothing anymore. I'll take the risk to be alone rather that being with you. Oh, wait. I still have friends here, waaaaay better than YOU.

its not funny anymore. using a different number is way old school. It's nice if we just cut or connection. dont make me change my number. dont make me hate you again coz you'll definitely suffer this next term or for the rest of your life. Mahaba na naging pasensya ko sayo, You did this thousand times and i forgive you everytime but it's different now.

If you just kept your mouth shut and listened to me last night, this wouldn't be going this far. I might understand you because you've planned it and i'll understand how you will react but throwing those words like you know what's really happening to me? that's bullshit. definitely, it is. So, dont you dare come to my house just to say sorry. Mababastos lang kita, hindi kita kakausapin. Im through with you! i know you're reading this and you really put me in my last nerves. YOU PISSED ME OFF! Sana tumigil ka na lang dun sa isang text me, eh sinundan mo pa?! Grabe, if you really feel sorry, feel sorry for yourself coz you just lost a friend who cared for you once.

Thanks for the friendship that we built but you ruined it. 6 years was broken because of youre stupid big mouth. I dont know if you'll regret this but i wont. Mabuti ng nalaman ko yung tunay na sarili mo. I dont know if your jealous or whatsoever but you're acting like a gradeschool student. Backstabber and a shiny plastic. I thought you've change but you didnt. Same old You.

YES IM MAD. SUPER, that's why stay away from me. PLEASE.