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falling for a wrong guy?
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just ended my day different today. I finished it with a smile and thinking if this day will happen again.

I smiled because of YOU. Yeah, because of him.
Is this Love? or Infatuation? Please. Warn me,please? :)

Today is different. More pictures, more memories and more smile that came out of my face.

Green Room is our new hangout! It's coooooool. We dance, we took pictures and we Enjoyed a lot! haha. I love it when Im with them. Oh yes, good thing the rain started falling so that Joanna wouldn't be going home anymore! Yeheeeey. After Class we had our training @ DLSU.

While roaming around DLSU, some of my friends saw their Highschool friends and it really pisses us off when they started asking "Anung ginagawa mo dito?" "Bakit ka nandito?" Bullshit no? Parang, ok kayo na LaSallista pero hello? SDA still rules! :)) No offense pero, maganda naman talaga yung amin! Bwahahaha. Anyways, we learn new steps again. It was cute, i love it.

During the practice, I cant stop thinking of him at the same time there's someone who really catches my eye. Labo? My heart's with him but my eyes are with this another guy.

All i know is that I'm confused, am i falling for a wrong person?