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Friday & Saturday
Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday? It was a blast.

Lot's of unexpected things came into my way.

from school to photoshoot, practice to kevin's concert, kevin's concert to Lara's Birthday Blowout.

Lot's of shocking stories, incident or even people came into my way. This day was soooooo tiring and I ended up drunk at Lara's Bed :) Oh yeah. I was drunk. Suuuuuuperr drunk but I denied it! haha.

THANKS CARA sa mga kwinento mo. Yung iba talaga nakakagulat. Yung iba nakakatawa pero yung isa talaga yung pinaka nakakagulat at pinaka gusto ko na kwento :) Ang sama ko! :P

Anyways, then after the Photoshoot for our Dance Troupe we went to Coro San Benildo's Concert to watch Kevin. OHMY! Kevin's solo was really a standing ovation! haha. I mean, there were lot's of people who shouted and clapped for him. GALING! Here's a short video.

Then after watching Kevin this was the most tiring thing that happened to me. First time ko din gawin ito. Nag commute ako using LRT 1 then LRT2. Grabe, na amaze ako sa itsura ng LRT2. Para siyang Airport! Wahaha. Enjoy ako kahit super layo ng byahe ko just to attend Lara's birthday na sobrang saya ko kahit di lang siya Obvious. :))


Me and Lara finished a bottle of chocolate mud shake thingie. (Di yung putek) bwahaha. then a bottle of tequilla also plus some beers. There were no Smokes. KARAOKE was present.Sing a long until 4:00 am. Nung kami na lang ni Lara ang natira sa Karaoke Machine, the songs were, "Before i let you go" "One last Cry" Id rather" "Love moves in myserious ways" "Wherever you'll go" "If you'll leave me now" "Fixing a broken heart".

Di naman masyadong obvious na Broken kami? Hmmm. For a while lang. Iyak Iyak ng onti kaming dalawa then after that we just hug each other tight and said "We'll make throught this together". Kahit lasing na kami, Nagawa pa din namin maalala na, Moved on na pala kami.

We slept @ around 5 na. The next day, hindi kami nakapag training. May training sila sa PJB na hindi ko na inaatendan but I also had a training in our dance troupe, since late na kami nagising hindi na kami tumuloy. Natulog na lang ulit then took a bath then pasyal then uwi.

NAKAKAPAGOD YUN HA! Commute pa ako umuwi.

yan yung nangyari sakin ng Friday && Saturday. Ewan ko. Ang weird eh, para sakin.

Madami din akong nalaman. Narealize and na feel :)