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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first job will start tomorrow. I'll promise to bring my Lomocam. Yeah, that would be tomorrow. I'll bring my Lomo wherever i will go. Swear. I'm falling inlove with it! :)

Where's the venue tomorrow? It's in island cove. It would be a Re-Shoot for my Ate Candy's portfolio. She made my cousin's wedding gown that's why we need to have a photoshoot with the gown. The photographer that they hired during the wedding didn't got the chance to have a nice shot with the gown so that's why we're having a re-shoot which gave me the chance to have a sideline tomorrow! weeeeewoooo, this would be my first official job and im excited with it.

what happened today?
NOTHING. I just got bored and end up editing pictures! Click this.
anyways, i just got my cam and took some random pictures. sooooo random.
Me and Cara supposedly gonna make our intecom project today since i figured out a much better plan she decided to help me with the questions na lang same with my other groupmates.

Last friday, there were text messages roaming around everybody' phone that the sun wouldn't set. LARA, you owe me 100! There was a sunset and definitely the moon showed up. haha. woohoo, 100 pesos beybeh. It's kinda weird though coz we thought the Sun wouldn't set for real because it's already 5:30 and the sun is still out there since it's october and it's a "ber" month it should have been dark by that time and we were like freaking out because of excitement that the sun MIGHT NOT SET. but, in the end they're wrong. Luna still showed up.

it's 1:11 in my clock. should i wish? or it's only applicable on 11:11? anyways, i'll wish.

*wishing* *wishing*


I wished for a new Lomocam. I want holga. please.
I also wished for PEACE with each one of us coz i reflected on it and i miss the old us. the old FMA2. it's not im being guilty here but is it too late to forgive one another? hmmmm.
I also wished that i can survive from my ****** ******. woah. please lang lord. bata pa ako.
I wished for a lottery number. the lucky one. the one that will make me a millionaire! :))
but, the last one is that i will learn to Love fair. i dont want to fall so much again.

I FEEL HAPPY, Seriously. I dont know why but I'm smiling.

insane? haha. naaaa, i just watched the commercial of globe and i saw my crush. ienne's friend.
our director, bwahahahaha. anyways. nothing important about it.

i wanna write more but my mom's calling me, i left her alone playing tekken. yeah, up to this hour we're playing tekken. my dad is knocked out and find the way to his comfort zone. up to here na lang, my mom's shouting and very excited to loose :))

night guys. night robots. night gels and boys. night world.
hope to see you again.