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Sunday, October 12, 2008

These guys really makes me insane. I listen to their song for the whole day and I dont get tired hearing John O'Callaghan's voice. Oh my, he just took my breathe away! I just love listening to them. Oh yes, I LOVE THE MAINE. I just fell inlove with their songs. My first love was "If I only had the heart" and it was cool then when i heard the song "We'll all be" Shocks. They definitely made me scream. I really drool over that song. I listen to it 4 to 5 times when my earphones are stuck in my ears and I dont care if it bleeds! haha. It sucks because it's kinda Impossible for them to have a concert in Manila. hmmmm, I wish they would have a Concert tour here! Waaaaaah :] Im just getting addicted to them. Another song that I want is "The town's been talking" YEAH! It's for a person who's not really inlove with the guy/girl but he/she is inlove with Love! hahaha. anyways, Im still dreaming that our school will win in this contest! hahaha. "HAVE THE MAINE PERFORM IN YOURS SCHOOL" oh yeah, how i wish that they will play here @ CSB. Grabe, for sure me and Ienne will watch the Concert but wait. Im Dreaming. It's like wishing for a sister and I know its impossible because my doesn't have any uterus anymore. It sucks but hey Nothing is impossible if you just believe! hahaha. but never expect because I might broke my own life. haha. another thing that I want is, I want to have a shirt! gaaaaah. The shirt that they are selling are sooooo cool as in Major Cool! I love it. Im really in to this Pop Punk/Pop/Alternative band because i Love their lyrics. This band was introduced to me by Ram way before. When we were still together. The first song that i heard is "I wanna Love you (akon cover)" I fell inlove with it. hahaha. It was soooooooooooooooooo nice. I love it. Super. I cant stop saying "ILOVEIT" and now Im obssessed with them. and Im a stalker, I subscribe everywhere just to have the news about them. HAHA. Thanks to PureVolume because i get in touch with them nowadays! :) Also to buzznet. Thanks! hahaha. (Nag plug ba daw?!) Crazzyyy me. Enough with the Maine. Let's go to my other boyfriends! This band was introduce to me by Ram also but I didn't care about it. I didn't heard the band actually that's why I didn't appreciated it a lot but when I had a ride with Earl yesterday on our way to MOA, he played they're song and I got LSS with it. It's the "Boyce Avenue" I love their song "Bleeding Love" Oh yes, I love it. I love him. I mean "Boyce Avenue"! haha. I just fell inlove with their songs. As in, I love them also. Especially when they sing the song "No air" Oh shit, i just began to be EMO and stuufff! haha. But it's just part of my itsy bitsy game and after that i'll shout! haha.
Oh well, towel. I'll tell something about the band! :) Boyce Avenue, a Florida-based band popular for its strong acoustic roots and constant drive toward a melody- and harmony-driven rock sound, consists of the three brothers Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano, and Stephen Hatker. The band first came together in 2000, when Alejandro (lead vocals, guitar, piano) and Fabian (guitar, vocals), then 14 and 16 years old, respectively, started playing guitar. Within 3 months, Alejandro and Fabian took to the stage with their older brother Daniel (bass, percussion, vocals), then 20 years old, to perform before an audience of over 350 at a Pine View High School show. This would be the first of many public performances for the band at the school where its members had all been students together throughout their childhoods. Oh well, I just fell inlove with them and I have a big crush on FABIAN! He's so cute. As in, Major Drooooooooooooooool over. I love him. but still i love Alejandro's Voice. HAHA. I wish they'll play also here in the Philippines! If they will have a concert here, I'll promise myself to have a VIP seat and a back stage pass! hahaha. Wish wish wish wish wish. I want them. as in right now I you'll just see my face right now Im having the "Craving-Wishing-Drooling Face" right now! GAAAAAAAH. I want them all. The Maine and Boyce Avenue. I want I want. I also want to have the CD of Boyce Avenue, It's out na but i dont know if the music stores here in the philippines has it. "Lord please. Let them play here. Please!"Go on! Call me a stalker now. Call me and I dont bother! These are my boyfriends! Ilovethem. <3