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It's us, It's LOVE.
Sunday, November 2, 2008

How is it that I can see myself smiling right now and feeling so happy this much when we were just hanging around as friends? What is it? Is it the way you smile at me when you see me walking towards you? or is it the way you look at me, straight in my eyes and tell me "everything's gonna be alright"?

Yes, you're always there. Even the times when WE were still together. You were there until the day he left me. I remember everything, I sat beside you crying and you were there wiping my tears. You were always trying to make me smile but i always thought it wasn't enough. You always pick me up in my friend's house even it's 4:00 am in the morning because Im so drunk and I cant even remember anything and the next day i will call you and you were there to refresh my memories.

YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE. Every single day of my life, you were there. During the most darkest days of my life, you were there. Especially the days when you see me smiling, you were also there.

It's been a while since we had these talks. Awkward moments like that have passed but still the feeling of being confused and I don't know, but I'm feeling quite astray right now. I have so much that I want to tell, things which has lately been piling on my mind about you, me. US maybe. But yesterday didn't end up that well, I was hurt and I know you were too. That's probably why I'm writing, though I'm still quite lost for words.

but hey. it's different now. You have me, I have US.
I took a shower and thought of everything we've been through and it came to the point where i admit that It's better being with you. I've known you since grade4, since the day i had my first menstration or even the day when you got circumscised and It was my dad who performed it. hahaha. so much for that. it's been years since we were together as friends and now we're facing life not just as bestfriends but more than that. I know this time we'll make things right.

This is for us and for the months and years that we will be together. Just let me love you the way i do and i'll let you love me the way you want me to be loved. Let's be fair. Honest and Loyal. All i want is to be loved in return. I dont care if I will love you more, who says it's not right? UGH. anyways. so much for that, i just dont want to remember it and that's the way he likes it.

Who cares about you? Now i do.
I will be always be here like you were before. Thanks for the memories that we will have more.
It's been a while since you held my hands and taught me how to love again.

coz you make me feel like "AAAAAAAAAH, im so inlove" and i just cant help but scream out loud.

This is it, finally i can say this infront of the world.
I LOVE YOU, I LOVE US and Forever we'll be together. Im sorry if Im toooooo mushy but i guess it has always been like that. Thanks for everything. I wanna know what Love is and now i know.

It's US. It's LOVE :]