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Tagged: 10 Random Facts/Habits
Saturday, November 8, 2008

- Each blogger starts with ten random facts or habits about themselves.
- Bloggers tagged need to write on their on blog about their ten things and post the rules.
- At the end of your blog you need to choose 10 people you're going to tag and list their names.
- Don't forget to comment on their site that they're tagged.

  • To start this off, I'm a reckless ball of chaos with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
  • Photography is one of my drugs. It's not how lame the object is, it's how you capture it.
  • There are days when I only eat street foods for lunch, merienda and dinner. I can survive especially when Isaw, Bulaklak and Betamax's around.
  • I love to spent my weekends with my dogs, I always play with them for hours.
  • I want to have a dinner with the dolphins while watching the sunset.
  • I dont have any brothers and sisters, it sucks that I wont have the chance to have one.
  • I want to meet the Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill cast plus Edward Cullen on the side.
  • I wanna learn to play the Guitar.
  • Next is to Krump, though we some krump steps in our dance, still it doesn't impress me. I wann learn more and be good at it. It's hot when a girl krump! :)
  • Lastly, Im not good in Goodbyes. I always run away when there are problems. It sucks that people hate me for being so coward that even saying goodbye freaks me out.

iTag the following people:

Ayienne, Ella, Mia, Ikat, Xty, Lyra, Rose, Jam, Reanne, and Jennie.