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Long Long Distance
Friday, November 7, 2008

i miss mikaela.

i miss my bestfriend, my partner, my twin, my sister.
i miss the days when she was still here beside me. i miss the days when we will laugh even to those korny jokes that we have. i miss everything.

traditional saturdays became lame/boring/nonsense saturdays since you left. i have no bestfriend beside me when i woke up and no bestfriend to jog with. i have no sister on my side to eat my 4 layers of pancake and no twin beside me watching CSI:Miami. There's no partner beside me when im singing our favorite song.

in short. there's no MIKAELA MARIEA UY beside me since my college life started.
she was there all the time. we do things together. shopping, boy hunting, jogging and more. we go dota together and stayed up late just to kill those creeps. haha. we enjoy most of our lives until this news came. She will be leaving Philippines and be staying in Australia.

it was April 20, 2008. 5 days after my birthday and it was also the day were we landed manila. We came from a 3 day vacation @ Cebu. No parents, No Rules and Partyyyy all night. It was fun, it was heaven but we didn't expected hell news when we came back. I was about to drop her off at Multinational Village when her mom called us. She said that she will pick us up and let me stay at their house that night. Since we're super duper bestfriends and my mom and her mom are bestfriends too it's not that hard to have permission form my parents.

the next day, we smelled pancakes and ran downstairs just to eat lots and lots of pancakes then her mom came and told the Shocking news. I got sad.

"Niqui, i think this would be the last day that you'll be eating breakfast with mikka"
when her mom told me that, i cant help but cry. We went upstairs and talked. I thought she knew about this but same as me, she was shocked and she didn't know and she will be leaving very soon. She left April 27 and it was very soon for us. I spent the last three days with her. We went spa together, we went shopping together. We did everything we want but it wasn't enough for us. When the time came, I hugged her so much. Everything has gone fast and the last time I held her hands was the day when I dropped her at the airport.

gah, I can still remember everything. Everything flashes back.

we talked for 3 hours, long distance and it's very short for us. I made kwento a lot of things especially the things that happened to me this past months. From the happy first term of my life to the darkest 2nd term of my life. She was happy for me but at the same time we miss each other. Now, we're talking to skype and we're both crying. i just miss my partner so much.

I wanna go there. Seriously. I wanna be with you bes, especially now when things are not okey. Things are pretty messed up and Im confused with my life. I need you bes. Swear.

Hope you'll be fine, as always. Dont give up on coming back here. I'll wait or you'll wait for me.
It's gonna be soon, I promise. I really do promise.