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Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Sunday, November 9, 2008

1st Blah.

i thought i could catch up with episodes that I missed over the past months. One Tree Hill season five is leaving me behind, even Gossip Girl season 2. Argh, it sucks that I haven't watched any episode in Gossip Girl Season 2 and I've only watched a couple of episodes on OTH Season 5. I feel like there's a big L on my forehead which means LOSER. Gah, I hate it. I've missed a lot of things. I feel like half of myself is lost. haha. That's way over but still, I dont have any news or updates about what's up with "The Scotts" and with the upper east siders.

is it because of school? haha. I dont have any time to search online or even watch few episodes from the pirated dvd's that i bought. grr, i hate myself. I always arrived late because of our practices. Our practices usually ends at 9pm and I'll arrive at our house at around 10:30 or 11:00 pm. It sucks right? When i reach our house, I'll take a bath then immediately go to my bed and got to sleep because the next day I'll be waking up so early because i have school to attend. It's much hassle right now because we have practice everyday, before only tuesday's and thursday's but now it's EVERYDAY. No time for derma, No time for bowling and No time for my Gossip Girl & One tree hill marathon. gaaah, I miss them. haha.

2nd Blah.

i miss everything that I'm not doing anymore. these are some of the things that I've missed doing with my family, friends, him, her, everyone. even my bestfiends. i miss them, i miss everything before.
  • every saturday, me and my parents go to the mall to have a yummy lunch. but now, since my dad had his Hear Attack there were lots of foods that he's not allowed to eat. So, we just decided not to eat outside except there is a very very important celebration.
  • watching movies with my friends. mutya, cheska, marian, rheena and of course my super bestfriend that i miss a lot, Mikaela. we almost watch every weekend though we go to different schools before. we make sure that we're not having this gap though we dont see each other often but now since we have different colleges we're having this gap and we dont see each other often. Cheska (UP Los Banos), Mutya (La Salle Dasma), Marian (Ateneo de Manila), Rheena (Up Diliman), Me Im stuck @ Taft and Mika is gone away. oh, i miss them to death.
  • having those campokpoking moments with my highschool friends. Physiology08, i miss you guys. I miss the days when we were near ending our highschool life. I miss the Graduation Practices. The moments when we were having our hard times answering those complicated Physics problems. I miss them.

More. More. More. More. I miss a lot. I miss being a highschool student. I really do.

3rd Blah.

my weekend is so boring. i dont know what to do. i just got my blog edited, read some books, draw some dooodles and that's it. I didn't got the chance to visit any mall this weekend and i dont even bother to talk to my parents that much. i just sat around my room, fixed some stuffs, lie down on my bed, stare at the computer and that's it. JUAN TAMAD is back. I didn't even bother to open my notes to review which i often do last month. I dont know, maybe I'm not inspired that much.

but, I'm inlove. i'm happy eventhough I'm not really in the mood to talk, to laugh, to tell jokes. This is not me, Im Lazy this past days and I hope this coming week will be a new week for me. I hope I'll be active this time in school. I'll listen to hellboy now. Gaaaaaaaah, I wish.

I PROMISE TO BE ACTIVE THIS WEEK. Hindi ako tatamarin and i wont let myself be tempted by Dota, or by Troll Warlord or even Kardel. I'll play dota if it's break time not during class hours. I promise. I'll be a better person this week and to the following weeks. New niqui, coming up! :)

4th blah.

i love blizzard oreo so much. I'm craving for it. Super Craving for it.