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It was a blast!
Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Remix was fun. Really, seriously. I had a lot of fun since afternoon. We we're in the same Room! Oh yes, so Me and My fin (Cara) are soooo having our major kilig moments with our crush. Anyways, not bad for a first timer though we didn't won the experience and the thrill is important. As long as I see my dance mates happy, it's like we won the contest already.

I screwed up some steps but still it's ok! :)
We had fun, from the moment we were practicing those steps up to the last move that we made. It was FUN and a very memorable event in my life.

Thanks AFTASKOO. Thanks to ate Krista, without her, our choreo might suck. Thanks, Ate Tracey, Ate Aina, Dave, Vince, Cara, Russell, Ken, Dora, Major, Gido and Anne. You made the start of my college life so Different. As in. Thanks To my bestfriend, Joanna who watched the Show though it was late na still she had the chance to watch it. Thanks! and syempre, to.. *ehem* you know who. Who made my night so happy.

OHMY. Here it goes. We talked, exchanged smiles for the whole day and it was awesome. Congrats to your group. Oh yessssssss. You really made me smile, again.

SOOOOOBRANGG ENJOY. Spell enjoy with, Aftaskoo and M. Gosh, i just love it. GUYS, this is just the start. Let's joing more contest and bond more. Emba tayo sa Saturday! ok? :)) Basta, we'll stick together, alright? I love you guys, always and forever! hahaha. Thanks a lot.