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Ohmy, this is it!
Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exactly 20 hours, we will be witnessed by thousands of people. From being a Green blood up to those blue bloded eagles. Who might not say that they're there to witness the talents of these archers and blazers? for exactly 20 hours, i'll be dancing infront of different faces that i know and i dont know. Spotlights, unending cheers, judges and most expecially mr crew.

AFTASKOO DANCE CREW. from "After School" term because we always have our practice during after classes. Cute isn't it? :)) Anyways, we are compose of 7 girls and 5 boys which makes us 12 talented teenagers. We we're coached by Coach Krista, from CADZ, and she's from Ateneo same with Coach Philip Pamintuan, also and Atenean who taught us the KRUMPING STEPS and his also from CADZ! "bestfriend!" hahaha. Too bad Coach Krista cant come tomorrow night because she's gonna dance for Gary V's concert thingie, hmm. sayang. anyways, we'll do our best for her.


Well, little Niqui has a confession to make. She's not really in to Dancing. *ehem* You heard it right, I dont dance. I mean, i dont suck in dancing but It's me who doesn't really appreciate dancing before but things had changed. Some of my friends and highschool friends were shocked/amazed but at the same time happy for me. they're happy because Im not scared to explore new things in college. Back in my highschool life, it's much different from today. I dont dance except if we are really needed to dance, like P.E. Classes, Class presentation or Cheerdance and that's it. Im the sporty type of girl that you'll always see in Jogging pants or shorts, playing volleyball not Jazz pants and practicing those groovy steps in the dance room. See? Things have changed.

HAHA. I'm excited but at the same time nervous. HELLO!?! It's my frikking first time to join a dance crew and it's my first time to join a DANCE CONTEST. haha. But swear, it's fun. Super!


Especially those Benildeans and LaSalistas reading my blog, please do watch and cheer for us. the REMIX '08 starts @ 7:00 pm. Tickets are still available and it's only 150 pesos! The venue is in DLSU-Manila, Teresa Yuchenhco Auditorium

See you guys, dont forget to cheer AFTASKOO DANCE CREW. All guys out there who is still looking for Ordev-B accreditation our professor in Ordev told us that this is an Ordev Accredited Event so grab a ticket and find a way to spend the night with us. I'm sure guys you'll enjoy. You'll able to witness cool dance crew like, A615 who won 1st place in the Cultureshock & Skitelz who also wond 2nd runner-up in last years REMIX Dance Competition. Please Please Come and witness the talented students of De La Salle University and DLS College of St. Benilde.