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This is not a good sunday.
Sunday, November 23, 2008

First thing's first, Im okey with my dad. Although, Im still kinda bitter but it's a good news that we're actually speaking with each other later this morning.

So today is a very boring day. I didn't watched Skechers and I hate it. I didn't saw him. Boohoo. I'm not doing anything for school. (Reflection Paper, Schedule, Review for a quiz) I just stared at my laptop for the past 6 hours of my day. Ate and went back to my laptop again. Photoshoot with my pamangkin, changed my blog and that's it. Very lazy, very very very lazy. Nothing for school. Swear. When will I be like Jennifer? haha. Dream on Niqui.

i had a to do list for today but i didn't do almost all of it:

  • Do my Insocio Reflection Paper.
  • Watch Skecher @ Araneta Colliseum/2pm
  • Bring Rylai to the Vet.
  • Buy a new book @ Powerbooks.
  • Have my 3rd sticker @ Starbucks.
  • Review for Comsk1 for the Long quiz again.
  • Sleep early to prevent those f*cking pimples.
  • Cook/Eat Shrimp Pasta.
See? I didn't do anything. Lazy me. I didn't go to Mass also. Sh*t. I'm sooooo Lazy today and I'm having those frikking menstral cramps and it hurts so much. I cant concentrate! Fuck! :

La La La La ~~ Photoshoot?

MY MOST FAVORITE SHOEEEEES. Very Comfortable kasi, but i want to replace a dunk for this. Please Lord, make my father understand that's okey for a girl to wear a dunk :))

Later guys. I'll be posting another post later, about what I really feel! I'll be sleeping for a while or watch a tv series or much better, to do my INSOCIO REFLECTION paper. Damn.