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Teenage Scar

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The greatest falling stars are in his eyes
Saturday, November 22, 2008

It was a sudden wave after a friday. It wasn’t what he said, just the way and I felt so strange finding him right there and the way we changed has led to here. Now I'm not made for this, the truth that she would not admit. The greatest falling stars are in his eyes, not in his lies And it’s all you want, and all I gave but as soon as you turned this way, I was too late now time won’t wait for us, and you say we happened just because? but that’s not the way it’s suppose to be not for me. So let it all go down, Let me turn you around and I will make you smile.

He's really clouding up my mind for this past days. I dont know, I just think of him too much this week. I dont want to fall inlove but is this leading to that place were others call it heaven, the place where cheesy romantic scenes are always seen but for me, it's a thing that Im afraid to happen. It's the feeling were i want to experience but at the same time i dont want to because Im so tired of seeing myself hurt. I wanna be happy, but being happy for me now is seeing him, talking to him and having those cute smiles from him but I just cant have it.

It's so sad that when you cant get the things that are right infront of you. Why should you say those words if you really didn't mean it? Why bother to spend the rest of the night with me and after that be gone like nothing happened? Sure, i get those looks that i cant really resist, it's so cute but still it makes me feel sad.

I can really feel that you're slipping away. I dont have the right to say it but that's what I really feel. Now that we completely lost communication, i cant help but think if you still think of me somehow. It sucks that I dont have the gutts to call you even if you're meters away from me, like a while ago. I've wasted an opportunity that I should have grabbed. You we're there standing infront of the computer and I was walking because Troll Warlord is calling me, i went out and you were playing, I stood from a far away distance before going to starbucks with my fin, when I got back from that coffee shop, I thought you we're still there, but i was wrong. If I grabbed the opportunity, i wouldn't be this paranoid right now.

Just wanna share a snapshot.

"He loves me not?" -- Niqui Bernabe.

STUPID NIQUI. Nice job for letting the opportunity pass away.
Argh, i dont know why i feel like this. You? are you feeling the same way too? Or not.

Like they say, "You can never hurt somebody who doesn't feel anything for you." I'm hurt, but as I can see, you're not. Hope you didn't allowed things to happen so that I wasn't lead to believe in Love again but the sad part is, I believed again but ended up breaking my f*cking heart. Sometime, I just want to be numb and ease every feelings that I feel.

I miss you, maybe that's why I'm writing.
I put my feelings into words.