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This place is a hell, not home.
Sunday, November 23, 2008

I HATE MY DAD. I thought we're okey already but things began to messed up and Im here ending up crying again. Im a person who doesn't like being shouted especially when Im talking nice to a person, actually i was begging for his permission but he end up shouting on me. It was really embarassing because a lot of people heard it my mom's friends were here and they witnessed what happened. It sucks that I ended up being wrong and as usual he's right.

Im so sick of this frikking life. How can I be so wrong when things are sooooooo clear that Im right? and another thing, you dont need to shout coz Im not a retard! I have two ears and their working just fine. Im not a deaf, i can hear you. You dont need to throw things on me, that is so wrong. It's an immature act and it's very embarrasing. Tomorrow, I'll be looking for apartments, condo units or dorms just to be away from this hell. This is not a home for me anymore, this is crap. This is bullshit! Sorry if I have to be like this but Im sooooooooooo frikking pissed and he just put me on my last nerve.

I know that in any angle you would look in our situation, I'll always end up wrong. Congratulations to me and I suck in this. I cant deal with him anymore, I try to understand him everyday. I always seek for God's advice but I just cant absorb. Lots of questions still clouding up my mind and it sucks to know that I cant do anything about it. Im so tired dealing with this crap. All i want is to bring that F*cking Camera to school for our project and you end up shouting those nonsense words that's not even our topic.

Please. Stop this childish act. Be sensitive enough. You're hurting me too much, dont let me walk away from you and loose my respect to you. You're my dad, I respect you but sometimes you need to be fair with some stuffs, especially when it's SOOOOOOO OBVIOUS that I'm right and sad to say, you're wrong.

Hope he can read this because Im sure I cant say this infront of him.

I wanna be free from this problems, I cant deal with it anymore. Seriously, Im not over re-acting here but this incident happened a lot of times and Im sooooo Frikking Tired with it! : I wanna be out from this hell. I want to have a REAL HOME. Please.