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Teenage Scar

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Hello color Red.
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm desperate to know how you are, i hope you're deep asleep. Ive been awake for days trying to study every inch of your body in this picture, from a distant state, when I could safely sing, nothing in this world could tell me down it anyway, but like a dream you disappeared, without a sound, without a trace. Sleep well darling, where ever you are, i hope that your happy tonight, and maybe you've found someone who'll love you right. Sleep well darling, i'm desperate to say now I need you now more than ever, but all I could say was goodnight.T his is for a girl back home, he tore down all my walls, Left me for all he had known, But I pushed it all away from me, and no no even if I knew, Even if I knew what to say to you, It's just too late to make you stay. I'm sick of fighting this broken fate, but someone else gets to tell you that you're handsome. It's the last thing I want but its all that I've got, It's the last thing I need but I still carry you in my heart, In my heart.

"Complicated" - photo taken by yours truly.

"Take it or leave it." Where the words you chose over mine. So much reminds me of you and I miss your smile. 10.01 and this night is gone. I spent it ill while the world moves on. If time alone were the brush that paints with solace and misfortunate, my life would be a work of art. And I've seen this all before. Things shouldn't have gone this far. We shouldn't have gotten so close. But what made me believe? Was it the guy who made her forget all she's know. Every time he looked into her eyes. Or was it the boy who decided to give up his heart, and run away. Today is gone, tomorrow is mine but I'm still alone. Bleeding out so much more, spilling blood since you've left. If I had a second chance id live a life waiting to death. So I walk to the store. I spent a buck fifty in quarters to buy the ring you said you liked, cause I'm thinking of you now. Now I drive to the coast. The place where I drown all my fears. Let the water set me free. I'm screaming can you hear? Or is this the end of everything I loved? Are we destined for more? Why can't you look me in the eyes and tell me what you want to. I know you want to so bad! But I've seen this all before. Things shouldn't have gone this far. We shouldn't have gotten so close. What made me believe? It was you who made me forget all that I've known. Every time I looked into your eyes. And it was me who decided to give up my heart and run away. Today is gone, tomorrow is mine, but I'm still alone.

Im starting to have these mood swings again.