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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

YOW! Oh yes, I'm back from my Hiatus.

It's been almost a month since I last wrote an entry and it's about my Hiatus. Last term was a very stressing term for me. There were lots of things to pass and deadlines to meet. Whew, good thing it's done and Im now facing a new step in my life. Yes! HELLO 2009! New life, promise.

So, how's my holiday? It was the BEST Holiday so far. Eventhough we just celebrated our Christmas and New Year in our house we still enjoyed it. There were lots of foods, games and competition. HEP HEP HOOORAAY! was the most bentang game this year. For me, I did welcome 2009 with an open heart and I definitely started it right.

New stuffs about me? IM BACK TO BOWLING! Yes, you read it right. I'm active right now. I go to trainings every Saturday and Sunday and I'm staying @ Lara's House every weekend. I'm trying by best to achieve my goal for this year and my goal is to have an International Open. So, we'll be having our scoring (qualifying round) starting this Saturday for the TEAM SINGAPORE AND TEAM KUWAIT. I'm so excited, after a year of stop bowling I just cant hide the feeling of being excited every training.

Another thing that I'm paying a lot of attention right now, except in my bowling career. I'm still focusing on my studies. Yes, I'm aiming for my goal to be a Dean's lister. I spent my free time at the Library just to review for my next class. Eeeew, am I being the new geek here? I hope not. I'm enjoying my 3rd term so much and Im meeting a lot of NEW FRIENDS! So lovely.

My new year's resolution? Here it goes.
  • TO BE EXTRA GOOD - Yes, I'll be good with my parents especially with my Dad. I'll try to understand him more and I'll less the arguements with him. I'll try to Shut up as much as possible.
  • DEAN LIST - Yes, I'm trying to. This term. If not, grades no lower than 2.5 will do and it's still Dean's list! hahaha.
  • TRAIN MORE - Promise, I wont be the lazy kid like before. I'll train more and pay more attention during trainings. Tiyaga ang kailangan! :)
  • BE MORE RESPONSIBLE - Last year, I lost a couple of wallets and I lost my Itouch & 3 ID'S. I've been the most Irresponsible girl last year and I fully admit it. Promise this year I'll be more careful with my stuffs.
  • CAREFUL WITH MY HEART - There were lots of guy who broke my heart. I think I'm gonna rest right now and focus on the things that is really important. I dont know how far will I go but I hope this year wouldn't be a bad luck for me when it comes to heart situations.
  • HAVE FUN - Despite of the Goals and so many things that I want to happen, I'll promise myself that while Im doing those things Im also having fun and enjoying it! <3

Those were my New Year's Resolution for this year. As far as I know, Im doing well in my school and Im training hard. Im being more organize this time and I haven't lost anything so I think it's a good start. another thing that I want to attain is to loose weight! haha. I dont know, but I feel big. When I ask my friends, they say nothing changed. I look good, not really fat but i feel fat. hahaha. I dont know, I just want to loose pounds! :)

2009, here I come.