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Team Building/Family Day.
Sunday, November 30, 2008

eh, nasan ka na ngayon? hay. masyado lang ba talaga akong nasabik?

La La La.

How's my sunday? Well, its fun. We've spent our sunday together with my ITBA (Imus Tenpin Bowling Association) Family @ Silang, Cavite. We went to the farm and it was sooooo nice. Very peaceful and relaxing. The wind was blowing so hard that i wore a jacket and a long sleeves. It was cold but not toooo much. The weather was inconsistent but it wasn't a hindrance for us not to enjoy the day.

To start off the day, we went to mass together. Then after the mass the Team Building was started. We were broken into small groups and I was assigned to improve the 250/225 Club Finals. After the talk, we had our LUNCH. Our suuuuuuppeerrr duuuupppeeerr yummy lunch. We ate @ the banana leaves and used our hands! SARAPP! :) After our lunch, I couldn't but to sleep first. I went inside and took a nap and before I knew it, it was a very long nap. I woke up at aound 4:30 and i think i've missed a lot of fun but I wasn't toooo late for that. We roam around the farm to pick some veggies and fruits.

after the discussion and everything, i went to the terrace and sat at the rocking chair. I cant help but to think of him. I went EMO again. I turned my Ipod and switch to my "SAD" playlist. Oh well, towel. I miss him so much that i couldn't of anything but to be with him. Grrrr.

We went home @ around 9 pm and my parents went straight to bed. Im still uploading the pictures. You want to view it? Just click this!

ANYWAYS, tomorrow will be another busy day. Me and My mom will gooooo shopping for Christmas presents and new clothes! Yipeeeeee. Night World. Night Robots! :D