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It's useless and dissapointing.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought, useless and disappointing. "

I never thought of waiting for someone who just blew me off. I've waited for about 4 hours and still he didn't show up. I remember the time when I cant sleep alone because its really raining hard, those dark moments of my life was suddenly reapeated last night when I was in that room. It was already dark outside but still I waited for him. I tried to contact but a little "SORRY" was the only thing that I recieved.

Suddenly, I got up. Fixed my things and went outside the room. The wind blew hard on my face and wiped my tears. I remember the first time I saw him, the first time he smiled and talked to me it was the same floor, same room and same time but different him. I remember exactle what he told me and it almost turned me into a large apple because my face turned red. Oh, those days that reminds me why I love him so much. I can call it a Love at first sight. When I catched the elevator, I saw one of my friends and asked me. "OH? Are you crying?" Then I said, "No, I just feel like sleeping na." The typical palusot ever.

I reached the ground floor. Still no sign of him, still no text from him. Then I suddenly saw my reflection through those glass windows, then I saw a girl who looks stupid for waiting for someone whom I know from the start will blew me off. I didn't give up, that's all. I had hope and that hope turned me to someone who I felt sorry for.

Why did I waited for you? SHIT. Maybe because you said you love me eventhough I know you didn't mean it. Here comes the "HOPE" part. Why do you ask me to look at your face and tell that you love me if i know from the start you have this someone whom you really love? Why say I love you if you really didn't mean it? Why say you care if you just left me behind waiting for you all night long? Why say you wouldn't leave me but from the start you left me hanging by myself? Why say i love you in the first place? :l

All of these are Major crap. Now, I hate you for real. I'll try not to talk to you during classes nor look at you. If I can, then I will. You just broke the other half of my heart because months ago you broke the other half. Now you broke the whole thing, let me ask you one thing.