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Yes, Im loving third term.
Thursday, January 15, 2009

You can call my schedule the worst schedule ever but i dont care. Suprisingly, Im enjoying. Im not really the type of person who wakes up early just to attend the most boring class. Screw them, I'll not waste my time and infact I cant wake up early. Im not a morning person, in short.

So usually my class starts at 4 and ends in 9 pm. Long day? ugh. yes. Tiring? not that much. ENJOY? Superrr! There were lots of unexpected things that is happening for the past day. It's been a week since my 3rd term started and hell yeah, Im enjoying it a lot. I have 20 units and I took up some advance classes in my Design Foundation subjects since i ran out of slots for some of my subjects because I was a late enrollee. (Screw Gabo!) hahaha.

PROFES1 -(TH 6:00-9:00pm) Advance class. I'm the youngest and Im loving it. All of my classmates are already sophomore student and Im the only Frosh student in the class. Good thing I made new friends. This class is a very very long class. 3 hours and it's my last subject.

INSOCIO - (TTH 1:00-2:30) My class reminds me of my Highschool class. There were lots of funny students and cool people. Im starting to love it and i have two new friends. There's Pin and Resah.

FILIP13 - (TTH 4:20-5:50) My favorite class so far. Lots of unexpected people were there especially him. So happy! It really surprised me yesterday. It was awesome. Our teacher is funny/wild and somehow a "palengkera" type when it comes to talking and telling jokes and one more thing, she looks like POKWANG! Promise.

WORLITE - (MWF 3:40-4:40) Boring? I dont know. tama lang. I made two new friends. It's Hash and Danica. We're noisy sometimes because we really jive on each other especially when my mouth couldn't stop from telling jokes and observe a lot of things! :))

PHILOMA (MW 6:00-7:30) I have class in AKIC and yes, outcast ako. Everybody wears a coat and a tie or a skirt and a blouse. In short, they wear what earl wears. It's the frikking corporate attire. Im a pariah whenever I go to that building. I always wear the kind of trend where SDA people are more suited with it. a normal jeans and a shirt plus my colorful zoo york and Im done. haha. When it comes to the subject, It's still pretty confusing for me.

JOSERIZ (MW 7:45-9:15) After running from AKIC to Main Campus, I'll be having one of the boring class. For me, it's not really boring because I really love studying things about the past. I love history. haha.

ILOVEMYSUBJECTS. Especially Filip13. Oh my god, here I go again.
Tomorrow, I'll be having my Filip13. Exciting. I'll got the chance to see him again. Yesss! :)

Goodnight World. Till tomorrow. Spread the word. Im back! <3