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Teenage Scar

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Let me walk away.
Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing.
With a broken heart that's still beating.
In the pain there is healing.
In your name I find meaning so I'm holdin' on.

Here I go again. Confused.

You're here again. Seating next to me. Being sweet and whatsoever.
are you here to make me happy? or you're here because you're not yet done breaking my heart.

Why is fate putting us together again?
Of all people, why you?

I thought I've moved on already but I'm wrong. I tried not to talk to you but I cant.
I tried to slip away but my heart is pulling me back. I tried to glance but I end up staring at you.
I tried to forget you but you're always occupying my frikking mind.

How am i suppose to be happy when you're not with me?

You dont have any idea that I feel this weird being with you.
am I crazy or falling inlove? is it really just another crush?

I try and try to walk away, but i know this crush ain't going no where :l