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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So. I've been busy lately. Oh shit, that's new. Well. Just got a weekend escape (Friday-Monday) with my long-time-no-see bowling partner LARA! Our weekend. Movie date @ Eastwood. We watched 500 days of summer and Yes, It's not really your typical Love Story. It's somehow Complicated and Annoying. hahaha. Annoying in a way that you don't get Summer in the movie. I dont totally get her! hahaha. Oh well, still had fun with my Lara Pot. OH GREAT! We saw JJ Helterbrand that night also and it i got amazed! Whew, Here i go again. I'm feeling the feeling that happened to me the night I saw him. Kilig Factor? hahaha. Then, after we chilled in Bed Room. haha. This was the funniest part that night. Someone approached me.

Guy: Miss, can i have your number?
Me: Ugh. No.
Guy: But why? my friends asking your number.
Me: Still doesn't make sense.
Guy: Please?
Me: Geesh. MAY ANAK NA AKO NOH! :))

hahaha. Laughtrip. But, the guy wasn't contented and the other guy, who is really the one who's asking for my number suddenly went to me and asked my number again. unfortunately he got my Jersey number and that's all he can get.

Drinks. Cocktails. Beer. Geesh, Yes I'm not fine. Done stupid things again. hahaha. Then before we left the there was this one guy also who asked for my number with the help of the waitress. hahaha I like him, but he's getting a wrong number. :P

SO GOT HOME @ around 2. Because we need to wake up early for Mass.
Then the next day. We went to MASS. Lunch date with Lolo Sixto. Training @ Rob Manila. Pancake Loading with ate Apol. Dinner @ Rockwell, Kaya Then DVD marathon till we sleep.

It was fun. fun fun fun. Gahd. After 7 months? Yes, I missed them a lot. Especially LARAAA!

(define happiness? There oh. So happy. So happy! )

When I got home. I felt tired and slept the whole afternoon and before I knew it, it was time to got to my Monday League. I wasn't prepared but good thing I scored Good! 864 for 4 games, not bad but I still need to have my 2 sets. Yes, I'm really BACK TO BOWLING! HAHAHA!

The next day? I feel something wrong. There's something that I'm missing. Ugh. Later.

Oh yeah, I miss him.