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HYUNG! Happy birthday!
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It was unplanned but it turned out great. Since the REAL party is still on Friday, we still went at her house to celebrate her real birthday. I was planning to surprise my HYUNG (bro in korean, coz we're korean addicts!) but when I texted Rasha, she said that she's celebrating it first with her family and relatives but I got a text from her that will be celebrating it with her last night and we also need to her plan her debut on Friday. Yes it's still not done and we're cramming.

So much for that. Onto more important stuff.

The food was great. Yummy plus the Sansrival! It's was the best dessert I ever tasted. haha. exage much but it was really YUMMY! Beers were also present. Pulutan and more Beers.

So we danced. Planned then we danced again. We sung to the highest pitch of our voice then we laughed like it was our last day. Shet, that night was crazy. Yes. Super.

"Di bale nang SOBRA basta KULANG!" - Rasha.

See? Drunk much. hahaha. Funny sobra. Laughtrip for 20 mins. hahaha.
It was great. Complete din kaming SINGLE LADIES! Thank God. Paola's always missing in action. Period. Here, we're complete.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies..
YES! We're complete. Love you SL!

Basta, last night was a blast. I love it. Another great day with my girlfriends. Im looking forward to friday. The party will be hosted by SL and I know it will turn out great. Oh yes. Its not the typical Black Party. It will be great.

Im so excited. I'll be hosting some of the part of the party and i know. It'll be fun. haha!