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Teenage Scar

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Where have you been?
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I feel like you're slipping away. I mean, I know i have no right to say but yeah this is what i feel. It blows that you have to be so far away. That our everyday talks are turned to once in a while that end up speechless. It's sad. Im left with SMS conversations that really have no point in them. I have no right to be jealous but I can't help it. Im so f*cking immature. I know.

"Pre-Occupied" is my new enemy.

I've never missed you this much, never thought I would. This cold air brings in such a distance from us and Im still waiting for you to say that you hate me because that's the only way for me to walk away.

Im sitting here all by myself, head down to hide the tears.

Where have you been? I've been waiting so long to hear from you and all the things that we said we will do, remains to be the plans of the past. We've been too quiet for too long. Where is the hope we once had? It's too late to be saved by your charm, We'll never get this right.

Your words are cold and the season is too. The comfort in your voice is gone. Don't keep in touch i guess Im better off all alone. You've lost everything that I loved.

Well alright, Im sorry I even tried.
I was a fool to have hope in you.

Why does it have to be in this situation, when one had fallen and left without any choice? :|