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How's school so far?
Friday, November 20, 2009

Whew. Just finished my first week in my new school. Yeah. The first week was a bit intense, tiring and stressful. You wouldn't believe that despite that it's just our first week, still it was the most stressful week i ever experience in my school days. It's not about the subjects not attending our classes but it's the long long long long line in the Administration Office.

Yes, I'm one of the students who sacrifice their class just to get my Registration form in that freaking office. Im on of the students who sacrifice in waking up so early just to be first in them line but I ended up being stuck in thje line for hours. yes, FOR HOURS. It was the literal HELL WEEK for me. but so much for that good thing everything is done and I hope next enrollment this wouldn't happen anymore. :)

So, how's my classes. So far so Good. Met lots of different people. there were the class clowns, the nerds, the kikay girls and the coll people. Got a new friend also and she's great. A girl like me so we really jive together. The Environment in our school is really nice eventhoug it's big, you wouldn't realize that you are walking in a long long path because of the cool breeze, it's hot but when the wind strikes your skin.... ooooohhhhh. it just felt good :)

So, i hope I'll enjoy more of my time here at De La Salle Dasmarinas and I'll really aim high this time. No too Gimiks first, i need to get that car!

So long guys. Take care! till my next post.