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Merry Christmas Y'all!
Friday, December 25, 2009

May the true meaning of Christmas which is Love dwell in your homes
and in your hearts. A Joyous Christmas to you and your whole family!

Whew, Merry Christmas guys! Well, unfortunately I have nothing to do today. We're supposed to go out but, I dont know where the hell his car is. haha. Anyways. Last night, during Christmas eve, i celebrated it with my family and with Keith. It was nice and It was also the first for me to bring someone who's been special for me this past months and who's making me smile and laugh. It was nice because my mom and dad liked him together with my aunties and cousins. The night turned out just fine and enjoy, though he needs to go home early. HA!

Well. Christmas is about to end and I'm looking forward to our New Year's Eve Celebration.

Merry Christmas and Have a Safe day ahead.
(not really in the mood to write) :*