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Weekend Escapade 09.
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It started with a very nice sleepover at Lara's house. After our sleep, we woke up at around 6:30 to take a bath and started to load the car with balls and stuffs! Together with tito Sixto, Lara, Ate apol, Kuya Jeremy and Ate Kris, we went to the airport and that's where we started our tiring yet fun experience over the weekend. We checked in and before we knew it we were boarding!

Good thing, Van's Dad (an international pilot) called tito sixto and poooooof! we have our business class seats! Oh yes! Sooooooooo Sarap. Our trip was very relaxing. Lara and I we're enjoying every second of it! :)

We arrived Davao, atlast. It was a long trip for me. 2 hours wasn't that long for me before. Maybe because of excitement? hmmm. I guess. We landed there @ around 12 and it was raining. Oh my, it will ruin our plan of going to the beach. Shet.

So, we had lunch @ Tita Lisa's Restaurant. Chicken Rice was the best! Oh yes. I want more!
then we changed our clothes and it was time for our first set of 8 games.
Good thing I played nice.

The next day, when I got up i hurridly went to the curtains and i was happy to see the sun shining that day. It means, we're going to the BEACH! We went to Paradise Lost and had our YUMMY Lunch courtesy of Jeremy Posadas and Anne Marie Kiac. Talo kasi sila sa pustahan soooooo libre nila ang lunch namin :)

Then, we went to waters, sand and enjoyed the fishes! Good thing kuya Jeremy had an underwater protector for his Camera! :) Love it.

Then, we went back to the Hotel. Slept for about an hour then went to the bowling center again to check our balls and polished everything we need to polish. Then had our dinner @ Penongs. Super duper sarap! Countryside style but way more cheaper here in Manila :)

Went back to Hotel because the next day, we still have a master finals to finish.

Well, my night didn't went well. I had a hard time sleeping and it was 2:00am already and my eyes were still not shutting. That's why i had a hard time waking up.

I lost the match play, but it was alright. It was a great experience after all.
I cheered enough, laughed enough, made freinds enough.

I made them happy for the past 3 days and I know that.
All of my jokes, punchlines, hirit and Korean accent drove them craaaaazy and that's what matters most! :D

I enjoyed a lot. Super, im looking forward on going back next year because my lara pot still has a title to retain! :D